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Dr. Renjith Reghunathan

General Practitioner

Clinic Timing : Everyday - 08.00 AM TO 11.00 PM



Dr. Renjith Reghunathan is a highly skilled General Practitioner with over a decade of clinical experience. He graduated from Guangxi Medical University, Guangxi, China, in 2012. Subsequently, he completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine from Christian Medical College, India, a foundation course in Palliative Medicine from the Institute of Palliative Sciences, India, and a Fellowship in Diabetes Management.


Expertise & Interest

Respiratory Diseases (Bronchial Asthma, COPD, Pneumonia, Rhinosinusitis).
Thyroid and other Endocrine Disorders.
Infectious Diseases.
Gastrointestinal Diseases.
Cardiac and Renal Conditions.
General Health Check-ups.
Anaemia and Other Blood Disorders.
Wound Suturing and Removal, Care of Burns.
Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Hyperlipidaemia.
Weight Management – Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome.
Urogenital and Prostatic Diseases.

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