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Dr. Atiya Anjum

Specialist Dermatology

Clinic Timing : Everyday - 08.00 AM TO 11.00 PM



Dr. Atiya Anjum brings over 18 years of extensive experience in diagnosing and managing skin, hair, and nail diseases. Proficient in both dermatology and aesthetic consultations and procedures, Dr. Anjum is known for her sincere approach and empathetic care, earning the trust and preference of her patients. Her strong interpersonal communication skills further enhance her patient interactions.


Expertise & Interest

Allergic skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis and urticaria.
Sexually transmitted diseases.
Pediatric dermatology.
Facial rejuvenation.
Intralesional injections for keloids, alopecia, cystic acne, and warts.
Advanced treatments using Biologics for chronic conditions like psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and chronic urticaria.
Dermatoscope utilization for early detection of skin cancers and other disease.
Skin biopsies (shave and punch biopsies) for accurate diagnosis.
Electrodesiccation and cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen.
Nail avulsion with chemical cauterization for ingrown toenails.


  • Aesthetic Procedures
  • Chemical peels.
    Botox injections.
    Microneedling for pigmentation, skin enhancement, and scar improvement using collagen induction, subcision, laser, and radiofrequency techniques.
    Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy for rejuvenation and hair loss.

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